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English 1: 1(A-B)
Instructor: Holley, Jennifer   
English End of Course
The English I EOC is nigh! Thursday, May 14th! Make sure to get plenty of rest!
Romeo and Juliet Begins!
Bring your tissues, the tragic love story/cautionary tale of Romeo and Juliet begins Monday the 11th!
Library Day
Tuesday, November 3rd

Lexile Level Book "Fair"- check out books specifically for your lexile level & watch your reading ability soar! Early Release reading day to follow.
Mini Lesson Presentations!
Students signed up for their mini lesson presentation dates today! They also chose their 4 literary terms. If you lose your mini lesson sheet or forget when you are presenting, that information is located in my August folder on this page. Keep in mind, presentation due dates range from Sept 3rd- Oct 30th. The project will represent 30% of your Q1 grade.
1st Quiz Grade
Complete the student survey on the back of your syllabus and return on or by Friday, August 21st.

The picture was just to get your attention!
Library Orientation
What resources are available to you in our Media Center? Meet Ms. Adcock, Ms. Norris and Ms. Wells 9/01/15
Discussion Topics
 April 2016
Short Stories, Poetry, Informational Text and EOC Review
 August 2015
Lesson plans from 8/17 including, MBTI Personality information, Princess and the Tin Box story & The Most Dangerous Game
 December 2015
Realistic Fiction with Monster and 12 Angry Men (Including nonfiction/info text research opportunities)
 End of Course
This folder contains EOC review materials
 February 2016
Conclusion of Romeo and Juliet & Poetry & EOC Review
 January 2016
Completing Monster, Shakespeare, Tragedy, Romeo and Juliet, hope you've got your tissues!
 March 2016
Research Paper Time!- Ignore Stardust assignments.
 May 2015
A LOT of EOC review, a little poetry
 November 2015
Unwind Crunch Time & More NonFiction
 October 2015
Unwind and Lexile Reading Time
 Question of the Day
A complete list of each week's QOD's
 September 2015
Lesson plans, etc. including, The Cask of Amontillado, Non Fiction Scavenger Hunt, and Writing tasks/deadlines
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